1. How to book a cleaning service with you?

Answer: You will get a confirmed price once you've mad the quiz on our website. It will help us find you the best price suited for your needs. We have different kinds of cleaning services.

2. How can I get an estimated price?

Answer: you can check our favorite bundles in the "Bundle" section on our home page. But final prices are sent with a confirmation of availability after you take our easy quiz.

3. What payment methods can I use for the cleaning service?

Answer: We accept all credit and debit cards, physical or virtual cards, e-Transfer, cash.

4. Are there any guarantees?

Answer: Yes, you can check our guarantee page.

5. Why choose you?

Answer: Unlike other cleaning services companies we have our vision set on the quality that we offer. Efficiency with our time focusing on completing the job above standards. We want it to feel clean and we know how much it takes us to get there enough to offer a service based fee instead of an all time consuming service. Our efficiency goes beyond time. Based on availability we can send as many cleaning agents to complete the job in a quality and effective manner.  

6. What does clean mean for us?

Answer: You can check our service descriptions and also check our easy to understand "Cleanliness scale"

7. How do you manage communication to your agents?

Answer:  We have a 24/7 open communication channel with all of our cleaning agents, if you would like to make an observation you can check through us first to assist you or with them in a kindly manner to best answer any inquiries that you have.