Cleanliness scale

Lvl 1. surface cleaning

Lvl 2. surface disinfecting

Lvl 3. Stunk and stain removal

This is where our regular service is

Lvl 4. Sticky stubborn stains, odor treatment on surfaces, the underworld of furniture

Lvl 5. Corner disinfecting, clean moving items with care, provide feedback for needed treatment

This is where our deep cleaning service is

Lvl 6. Hypoallergenic cleaning products, special instructions for certain areas like avoiding touching many places in the house adapted for accessibility, cleaning with pets around, carpet deep cleaning, intensive odor treatments and more.

This is where our specialized cleaning service is

Lvl 7. Polishing, rust management, technical adjusting, plague treatment, hard to access spaces (moving heavy furniture or specialized tools to reach any space)

Disclaimer: Complete restoration of furniture, walls, floors, windows, or any other surface requires specialized products and goes beyond the concept of “cleaning”